Tata Made safari strom for indian army

4×4 Suv

Tata maded special edition for indian army.They have maded 3,000 safari cars for the miliatry.Maruthi suzuki may replace by safari, which can be found in sites and dealerships as 2nd chance auto sales online.

The car is painted in green color to represent the colour of indian army,They does not done any chrome painting work on body. In case that you had a n accident you can search online Car Dent removal cost and find a company that can help you out fixing your car.

On right side of the car has Stepni to carry tyre,On back side of the car has Hook to help the other vehicle for toe.It has two focus lights on bumper.

We don’t have a much information about interior, but, we contacted a luxury car repairs company to help us with the fixing. In dashboard has buff coloured look and it have round button control for the  audio system.

The 200mm ground clearence,4m chassis and all-wheel-drive mechanism makes the safari easy to run in off road also.

It has 6- speed manual gears and the engine has power of 156 horse power which can produce 4000 nm torque in 1400-1700 bhp.

This car may used to transport arms and ammunication and transport of people and solders in emergency situation.


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