Boom XB-1 The supersonic flight

In this post iam going to talk about the new feature flight the Boom XB-1 supersonic.What is special in this flight?The flight has a new developed aerodynamic bodies and designs with developed supersonic general electric engine with new type of seat arrangement and the best think is that the flight Read more…

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Top 10 best sports car 2016

In this post im going to talk about the Top 10 best sports car of 2016.In this year many sports car launched But To enter ‘Top 10″ they should have some special things on it.First thing is that car should have best in Speed.Speed is playing main role in sports Read more…

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Mercedes benz Maybach

Today im going to talk about the new mercedes benz Maybach s600.Mercedes benz one of the successful german company in the world.Which Release best Sedan in every year.This year they launched new Maybach s600.The car orgin from s-class with new features and performance.They developed engine and interior with new technology. Read more…

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Fighter jet

B-2 Stealth Bomber U.S

Today iam  going to talk about the jet which maded the US army more powerful and Complete.Yes the bomber B-2 The jet fully maded aerodynamically.The structure  of the jet look like UFO.But engine and all  from jet family.The bombar B-2 is very diffrent from other jets.The plane has a twin Read more…

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OBD-On board diagonastics

Today iam going to talk about the technology which changed the main problems in automotive industry OBD(On board diagonastics system) Before an OBD system is hard to find the fault in the car.In 1996 the engineers maded the manual diagonastic syestem.In classic models the three female plugs  are placed seperately And Read more…

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Today im going to talk about the new jaguar XE .The company which makes the seden more comfort and attractive.let see the features of jaguar XE. Interior&comfort :-This time jaguar made the sum extra stuff in inside the car.The leather seat and features makes the car more cool.The amazing dashboard Read more…

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Lamborghini Centenario

Lamborghini …One of the famous sports car in the world which launches best sports car in every year.In 2017 Lamborghini introducing Centenario.The car designed fully aerodynamically with carbonfiber material and glass fiber.First lamborghini intorducing black and yellow(at bottom) color. Interior:-As we Know Lamborghini cars are made like fighter jet.The interior also Read more…

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The airbus A380 is the  3rd biggest plane in the world and the first biggest passenger flight.The project a380  was started in 1997. Airbus is the not only biggest passenger flight in the world but also less emitting pollution  four engine flight in the world.yes,a380 emits less amount of pollution and noise when its landing .a380 has a big wings which gives stability in air. The four giant engine gives the amount of thrust to the flight.Let check it out the features of the a380.Sing Airlines A380 on runway Cockpit:-The advance flight deck makes the flight control easy.a380 has joystick types steering which located in left side of the flight.The joystick makes flight easy to control.It has updated track ball controls and screen.Taxi view gives the clearence to the developed dashboard brings the all information in front.A380 has a all upgraded technology.A320/A330/A340/A350 XWB=Airbus 380.5db75f60f15ffb605f7d2ae20c2ec4f9 Interior:-The airbus a380 has a extra ordinary interior.The interior contains 3 compartment first,business and economy classes.The first class has a comfort room and adjustable bed and seat.The business class has seperate cabin and comfortable seat.The economy class  has comfortable semi sleeper seat.A380 has two deck in inside.Business class and first class was present in upper deck and economy class in lower deck.The plane has a big leg space in the plane which gives comfort to the passangers.A380 has a well developed cabin design and space which gives comfort to passangers and emergency situations.Amazing cabin light gives the extra ordinary look to the cabin.The flight has sound proof windows which keep the sound outside.Seating capacity from 544  comfortable  four compartment and 853 in single seat configaration. In this flight the seat has a advance reading light syestem and User friendly 5'×7' inch display gives the entertainment and flight report on the screen.a380-35 Exterier:-The flight a380 made up of aluminum and fiber glass material which gives the strength and weightlessness to the body.Fiber glass are hard to break.May aeroplane get fired by any insident the fiber glass not fully burned out.It holds the fire as possible.The large 79.5 meter wing san gives the stability and full control to the flight. The wings has spoilers and flaps which helps decrease the speed of the flight.The strobe,navigation lights on wings and landing lights on wheel and front of the wings.The big rudder and flaps(landing takeoff) use left /right the flight. Engine:- The giant flight has a four giant engine gives the maximum thrust to the flight.The flight has two option to choose their engine. 1) Engine alliance (GP7000).(emirates use Gap7000).Maximum thrust:36,980 kgf,363 kN, 81,500 lbf.The price of the engine is 13.5 million dollar.The engine is developed by general electrics. 2)Rolls-Royce trend 900:-Maximum thrust: 344–357 kN or 77,000–80,000 lbf.The price of the engine is 45 million dollars.The engine 3× more price compare to general electrics. Both the engine gives maximum performence to the flight.The reverse thrust only in first left and engines.The speed of the engine 4× 310knt.The landing speed of the engine 131-135 knt. 72047c3953da8311c382cf47ea9f6fb0 Safty& technology:- In every flight safety first.A380 is the first flight which contain 14 emegency exits.All emergency exits contain the follded rubber bags in it.The slide bags blow within >1 second when required.When current cutoff in cabin during flying The small windmill type fan comes out from left side of the flight and it gives the required current supply to the cabin. Wheel and suspension:- The wheels that makes the fight balance during landing and takeoff and suspension too.A380 use michelein tyres.The flight has 22 tyres to run the flight.The bulk suspension gives the stability and comfort to the flight.The flight uses cycle pump principal.which absorbs shakeness and vibration during landing/takeoff. Price & owners:- Price of the flight is432.6 million USD .The Top 10 owners of a380's list given below.(present)

  1.  Emirates
  2. Singapore airlines
  3. Lufthansa
  4. Qantas
  5. Brtish airways
  6. Air france
  7. Korean air
  8. Etihad airways
  9. Malasiya airlines
  10. Thai airways

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the Volvo XC90

Introduction:-This new T8 hybrid car is expected to launch in this festive season in India.This will be quite unique according to the way it is engineered.The engine has 4 cylinder unit to power XC90.Its a turbo charged 4 cylinder DOHC 2.0 litre engine makes it 320PS of maximum power.It comprises     Read more…

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Next 100 concept

What is next hundred years?what wil happen in next 100 years?…we don’t know but…In automotive industry the next hundred years is here.Today we are going to see about next hundred years feature and technology.In this next 100 years concept three companies are involved.But two companies release d their models.They are Read more…

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