China going to launch their first own  made aeroplane by 2020.Like Boeing and Airbus china going to rule in aviation world.This is the first commercial airline by      china.

Comac Company which maded the aircraft to compete  B737 max  and A320 neo and it has a capacity of 156 to 168 seats.Like this other part of aircraft made by other countries.

The Cockpit of the flight has some quiet clean and well developed advance computers system…The Flight has a joystick like airbus.The seat arrangement of the flight looks like ordinary flights,The length of the flight is about 36 m long and 3 m wide.


The Body of the Aircraft made up of aluminum ,Twin turbo engine made by C.F.M from france,The single engine produces 31,000 lbf thrust.It can fly upto 832 per hour and 36000 feet and 5,555 km in the sky and it requires 2,200 feet runway to takeoff and 1,600 feet to land.


The Company Going to made 570 aircraft for 23 companies most in  china and other countriesThis  type of aircraft has a big market in aviation industry that’s why china also takes part of it.Till comac testing the flight…But first test  successfully done on 5th of may 2017

The price of the flight is 50 million dollers* (Not Sure).Like boeing and Airbus this flight is going to rock the aviation world.Stay Connected! Autotech0

Highlights of the Aircraft…

  1.  First Aircraft By China
  2. Got order from 23 Companies
  3. Cheap then others*
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