Have you been stuck in heavy traffic….with a bunch of other vehicles around you. How do you feel then?


Peevish…… right. Well, that is totally understandable.I am pretty sure that in that scenario, you might be having reveries of taking off and just flew above evading the traffic. Imagine if this could actually come true.As per aflyingcars.com the first Flying Car is schedule to launch in 2018.


Thanks to flying cars- an incredible innovation, which allows you to switch your drive into a flying ride within a flip of a switch.

This probably is the best solution to cut commuting time with ease and convenience. Here I would be discussing some real essentials of flying cars that prove its worth.


Why Flying Car Is Future Of Transportation:


An escape from the complications of driving:


Driving has its own basic requisites be it- Proper roads, abiding traffic rules, protection for pedestrians and other vehicles, knowledge of exact address and most importantly efficient driving skills.

But opting flying as the mode of transportation frees us from all these needs.

No more traffic jams, no need to follow specific paths, no signals and most importantly no more accidents. A sure escape from all these troubles.

This does not even require any flying skills. All what is required is to tell your technology apt drones where to go and they will safely take you to your destination.


Convenient to handle:


These advanced flying cars are very convenient and does not troubles the owner. A filled petrol tank can take 500 miles long flight in one go. And all that it needs to operate is a Two hundred meter track for takeoff and about fifty for landing. Also, they come in amazing designs and stylish features which make them even flamboyant.


Cut short commute time:


These flying cars probably the fastest mode of travel would be great time savers. Travelling through them would not put you to any trouble of traffic jams and you would not be required to follow any long routes. Just get inside the ride and chose your way and reach your destination without any obstacle.

Saving time would be the primary concern for people to opt for flying cars since this is the major trouble they suffer through on a daily basis. It would be a good idea for emergency vehicles such as police cars and ambulances.



A safe option for untrained drivers:


Here we come across cases where people meet accidents due to reckless driving and stuff. Also, we have seen serious problems with people drinking and driving. Another issue is with those who have attained legal age of driving and aren’t allowed to drive on their own and always need a chauffeur for them. All these issues could be simply avoided with flying cars. Here you’d input a destination, and you’d sit back and the flight software would take you to your route.

Would mitigate pollution:

The cities are getting overcrowded with vehicles which are responsible for high levels of pollution. A switch to flying cars would certainly lessen the level of greenhouse emissions on ground and would also mitigate noise pollution.


These are the basic amenities flying cars would be offering to their users. Though expensive to afford, it is a brilliant luxury to possess and flaunt. People have a huge craze for it and we will see what heights of success it reaches.

-Article By Jatin

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