Drone may be the small vehicle,But Airbus introduced smarter then normal drone in Geneva motor show they launched the concept yesterday.

Fully elecric drone with zero emission concept by airbus,The purpose of the vehile is to reduce the traffic and save  time,The drone can use in the crowded cities.The multi module design,passanger can use the vehicle in ground and air.The passenger capsule can connect to this four-rotored air transport module to whisk rushed commuters above busy roads and crowded areas.

“I think it will be incredible,” says Mathias Thomsen from Airbus.”You’re in your capsule, you don’t have to go in and out, it’s integrated, it’s seamless, it will be the most pleasant way of getting around town, getting to the airport. I think it will be irresistibly nice.” “The four main technology areas that we are looking at right now at Airbus is connectivity, it’s electrification, it’s autonomy and it’s how we can create new mobility solutions,” he says.passanger can plan their journey and book in the app in their smart phones.drone will connect you in any where in the city.The plan may take 10 years more to live in our cities.

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